Midi File – Song On Demand (Up to 4 minutes)


DKK 699,00

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Song On Demand is an option for you who have a special desire for a song that does not already exist in our current range of midi files, or if you just want a different version than the one already offered here on VIP Backing webshop.

Hoff Trading – VIP Backing reserves all rights to the produced file, and the file will subsequently be added to our online sales catalog. At the same time, we reserve the right to refuse productions that we do not believe can be sold subsequently in our online catalog. Payment is made prior to delivery and after acceptance, by the requested title, from VIP Backing.

After acceptance from VIP Backing, an email will automatically be sent to the orderer, containing a payment link. Once we have received your payment, the production of the ordered product starts, after which the result is sent by mail to the orderer.